A Pup’s Home Away From Home

Lucky Paws Pet Lodge goes the extra mile to ensure your pup is taken care of day or night.

A pup’s home away From home

Lucky Paws Pet Lodge goes the extra mile to ensure your pup is taken care of day or night.

Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

We provide a clean, safe environment, bringing excitement and joy to your beloved pets while enriching their lives. We provide doggy DAYCARE, BOARDING and GROOMING for the Allen, Lucas, Plano, McKinney, and surrounding communities.

Daycare does many wonderful things for your pet such as exercise and socialization with other dogs, relief from boredom, human contact and supervised playtime. Doggy daycare is also a great solution for busy owners who can’t go back home during the day to let their dogs out.

We also offer overnight Boarding and extended stays to fit any budget! When vacation or travel plans take you away for a while, our trusted professionals can look after your pup. All of our boarding guests enjoy 3 outside walks per day and Daycare (instead of being kept up in their kennels)

If you are looking for a trim or bath, Lucky Paws offers a variety of grooming & bathing options. Grooming dogs will enjoy play time instead of sitting in cages.

We are a one-stop shop in Allen for all of your dog’s daycare, boarding and grooming needs!

Our Services

Dog daycare is a great way for your dog to exercise and socialize with other pups.

We provide the dog grooming services with a focus on pet safety and relaxation.

Dog boarding guests have the benefit of exercise and socialization tailored just for them.

Our Happy Clients

Lucky Paws will be your pup’s home while being away from home.


Very good
I had the best time at Lucky Paws! They pampered me, rubbed my belly, fed me, bathed me and trimmed my nails perfectly; but most important, filled my experience with lots of love! I can´t wait to go back!

Golden Retriever

Had a great time with my buddies and the staff treated me like I was in a real Spa! I loved the personalized service they have; the place is always clean and feels like home.

French Poodle

So sweet
Before I knew Lucky Paws my parents used to leave me in the house all alone everyday. Now I have a whole new family which I get to see every day at my second home.

Pit Bull Terrier

At Lucky Paws you’ll find the ideal place for your pooch!

Lucky Paws Pet Lodge 2024

Lucky Paws Pet Lodge 2024